Can’t really sign Into anything here. I can send emails (how I post when
I’m gone) and texts but no interaction. At my wits end.

Lonely here.

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I got sort of sick so they told me to stay home and sleep in, this morning. Just getting the animals sorted and then I’m going to wash up and head back out. Id hoped there’d be a bigger change, by now. 

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Now I feel guilty for leaving the dogs again. -_-

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Phone dying. No idea when I’ll leave. Peace world.

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People were seen and left in less time than I’ve just been waiting in this
fucking screening room. You have my money, we both know you don’t care if i
live or die so spare me the “reading of lab results” that you count as
treatment every time and let me get back to the fucking hospital.

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This is an amazing waste of my time and money. Just keep filling the
prescriptions and I’ll call you when I fucking need you.

Yay marriage equality in Florida. So much going on I just heard.

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She woke up for a little bit, which was t supposed to happen. But I kept
her from pulling the tube out and let her know everyone’s been around and
the puppies are ok and now she’s back under. I made sure she knew it’d pass
quickly since she has the happy juice.

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Home. Meds. Dog walkies. Smoke. Back into car. Grab food for family. Spend eternity in waiting room. 

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Der Kommissar b/w Nobody Else But You
After The Fire, CBS Records/UK (1982) 

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Cotton Candy Machine + Stranger Factory

Another two shows that happened over this past weekend were at Cotton Candy Machine (Brooklyn) and Stranger Factory (Albuquerque). I have more in the “Sonny Series”  at these shows!  You can see the shows online and purchase whatever you like!  the shows look real nice.

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